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Joint Community Activities Committee:

Since the founding of Amalgamated, education and community activities have been a priority for our co-op. The Joint Community Activities Committee (JCAC) is the social, cultural, and educational arm of our three cooperative organizations: Amalgamated Housing Corporation, Park Reservoir Housing Corporation, and A. H. Consumers Society, Inc. JCAC is composed of Directors appointed by the President of each Board. Each group of appointees reports back to its respective Board. JCAC elects its own officers and sets its own rules and regulations, subject to review and revision by the parent Boards.

JCAC establishes policy for educational and cultural activities, deriving its authority from the three Boards of Directors, and is responsible to them jointly. JCAC's broad mandate is to provide for cooperative education through publication of the Community News (printed and distributed quarterly), the weekly Co-op Bulletin, and such other methods as may be appropriate, and to promote community activity, including sponsoring and overseeing various groups and organizations. For that reason, we maintain an Education Office as part of our management staff.

Orientation Meetings: Before an applicant takes possession of an apartment, he or she must attend an orientation meeting with our Education director. At this meeting, the history, philosophy, and special guidelines for cooperative living are discussed.

JCAC-Sponsored Groups: Through the years, the Joint Communities Activities Committee (JCAC) has sponsored many different groups. Groups have come and gone, some have endured, as cooperator interest has warranted. All groups are run by elected volunteer committees of cooperators. Their policies are made in keeping with the policies of JCAC itself. Currently, JCAC sponsors the groups listed below. If you are interested in any of these activities, or would like to see a new activity started, or would like to talk about educational and cultural activities in our community, please call the Education Department located in the Management Office. All groups may be contacted through the Education Department. Scheduled activities for JCAC-sponsored groups and activities are included in the co-op bulletin which is distributed to each door except during the summer months.

Amalgamated Nursery School: Fully accredited and licensed programs for preschoolers. To learn more about our parent cooperative Nursery School, click here.

Circle Pines Day Camp: (Preschool and school age). Preschool programs are based at the nursery; school age campers attend a day camp upstate.

Co-op Fitness Club: To find out more about our Fitness Club, click here.

International Committee:Our Co-op International Committee was formed in June 1991 to foster good will and understanding between the diverse cultures that go into the making of our community. The International Committee is made up of two components: food and music. This annual festival brings together cooperators, their neighbors, family and friends in singing, dancing, reading poetry, listening to performers, and, of course, enjoying the variety of international dishes prepared by cooperators of our diverse community.

Norc/Naturally Occurring Retirement Community)(BJCC/AmPark): Sponsored jointly by the Bronx Jewish Community Council, Inc., and JCAC, this organization provides information and makes referrals regarding public benefits, entitlement programs, and social services, particularly for cooperators on a fixed income or whose income is above the medicaid level. Special services for seniors and the handicapped may also be available, including laundry, meal preparation, errand running, bill paying assistance, etc. AmPark is located in Building 7, 80 Van Cortlandt Park South, Section E Courtyard. The phone number is 548-4990.

Van Cortlandt Playgroup:(Newborn to nursery). Parent-child groups, from birth to nursery age.

Click here for the playgroup page. Please note that you need to be a member to log in and post. You can contact the Playgroup chairperson by clicking on the "Sign in and apply for membership" or "contact the owner" links.

Visual Arts Committee: Committee of cooperative artists who sponsor exhibits and activities in the Cooperative as well as classes with instruction.

Wood Shop: For skilled craftsmen.

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