Apartment Allocations
Power Plant

Responsibility for the ongoing operations of the cooperative is vested in the Board of Directors. The Board consists of twelve Directors, all of whom are resident-cooperators and serve without compensation.

Four Directors are elected each year by the stockholders as part of the Annual Stockholders Meeting. Following the election by stockholders, the Board elects officers, who serve as officers of the Board and of the Housing Corporation. Between meetings of the Board, and subject to the direction of the Board, the President is responsible for the general management of the corporation.

The Board sets policy, determines budget, authorizes contracts, exercises overall supervision of management and carries out other business appropriate to running the cooperative. It meets as a full Board every month, and does some of its work through various Committees.

Amalgamated Board of Directors

Howard Kamiel

Robert Gillman
Vice President

Paul Waylonis
Vice President

Ed Yaker

Jerzy Warman

Charles M. Zsebedics
Asst. Secretary

Karen Armstrong

Franz Michaud
Carol Foresta

Myles Landstein
Franz Michaud
Laura Minsky

Franz Michaud
Arshad Mohammed

Franz Michaud
Peter Morrissey

  Franz Michaud
Loretta Ryan


Day-to-day operation of the co-op is handled by our management personnel within the policy guidelines established by the Board of Directors. The Board hires the Manager, who is responsible for the supervision of seven departments, each with its own supervisor. Management is a problem-solving network of professionals designed to help the Board achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of cooperative living.

Management and Co-op Staff

Charles M. Zsebedics

Hattie Davis
Acting Service Manager

Wendy Cosgrove
Finance Manager

Doris Spencer
Education Director

Joe Kraus
Chief Engineer

Bernie Beazer
Chief of Security

Christina Casey

Executive Assistant
to the General Manager

Jennifer Rankin
Assistant Manager

Ivy White
Apartment Allocations Manager

Co-op Office & Administration - The administrative engine and operating hub of the co-op. Office and administrative staff implement the policy initiatives of the Board, ensure that the operating controls of the housing company are working properly, and provide overall administrative support for the co-op.

Apartment Allocations - The entry point for those interested in joining the cooperative. All apartment transactions related to the sale of shares to those moving in, transfers, and the re-sale of shares back to the co-op upon move out, are handled here.

Service - Employs more than 45 staff, including porters, gardeners, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, painters, and other trades-personnel to ensure the co-op remains clean and in good repair. Our Service Department is responsible for maintaining co-op property, both in common areas and in apartments.

Power Plant- A high-pressure steam facility owned and operated by the co-op provides heat and hot water to the entire co-op, as well as central air cooling at Towers I and II. Power Plant engineers and mechanics also maintain and repair the entire utility service infrastructure of the co-op.

Finance - Attends to the flow of the co-op’s monetary resources on both the input and output side. While collecting, processing, depositing and otherwise accounting for all revenue, finance staff also pay the obligations of the co-op and manage all of its accounts. The Board and Management do everything possible to assure that an effective system of checks and balances is in place at all times.

Security - Although among the safest of New York’s many neighborhoods, the co-op is not immune to the vicissitudes of modern urban living. Therefore, Security provides the presence, the eyes and ears necessary to ensure a safer co-op. On patrol 24 hours a day, Security is a key link between the 50th Police Precinct, the Fire Department, EMS services and the co-op.

Education - is responsible for co-op education and community activities. Click on JCAC for additional information.

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