At Warm Springs, Georgia.
November 26, 1930

Mr. Herman Liebman,
Editor, "Amalgamated Cooperator",
Amalgamated Housing Corporation,
80 Van Cortlandt Park South,
New York City.

Dear Mr. Liebman:

Completion of the "Amalgamated Dwellings Inc.", the second cooperative housing enterprise to be sponsored by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America within three years of the consummation and dedication of the original cooperative housing project, known as the "Amalgamated Cooperative Apartment House" in Van Cortlandt Park South is a significant development in this comparatively new sphere. It signifies the economic soundness of the cooperative conception as well as the assured success of both these housing undertakings which were inspired by the splendid ideal of mutual good and reciprocal benefit.

Filling a great modern need, satisfactory home environment with reasonable outlay, a considerable factor in the promotion of contentment, these two cooperative realities bear out and sustain the conviction once expressed by the lamented Charles P. Steinmetz, one of the magnificent intellects in our own generation, in these words:

"Cooperation is not a sentiment; it is an economic necessity".

Steinmetz, who despite his daily delving into the theoretical never lost his contact with the practical.

I know of the active interest and helpful participation of our good friend, Lieutenant Governor Lehman in this movement, and I admire and respect him all the more for this additional illustration of his devotion to worthy causes. The longer I am associated with him, the more I am persuaded that his every act is intended "to make this a better world in which to live".

Be assured that I share with you all the happiness and joy of substantial accomplishment and that my congratulations are buttressed by a confidence that the future holds even a larger measure of success for your efforts.

Cordially yours,

Governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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